The TWENTY-FIVE is a thoughtfully designed book, featuring ten to sixteen photographs from a cohesive body of work. Each perfect-bound 8½" x 11" book provides a compelling and immersive experience. It is important for artists to be comfortable with our approach.

Your submission serves as an introduction to you and your work. Each submission is limited to 10 photographs and a brief statement. A limited number of submissions will be accepted for publication. We hope that you will find this process constructive. We thoughtfully review each submission and respond in a timely and constructive fashion. 


Pay submission fee: $50.00

Within 48 hours you will receive instructions (your name and receipt number serve as your ID throughout this process) 

Submission is limited to 10 photographs and a brief statement.

Submission photo requirements: 1024 pixels (max height or width), 72 ppi jpeg (Quality 80%), rgb profile, titled: artistname001, artistname002, artistname003, etc.

We will review your work in a thoughtful and constructive fashion within 45 days.


After acceptance our collaborative process will continue. We will talk about your work and clearly outline what is expected of you and what you can expect from us. 

You will be asked to contribute a start-up fee of $500.00 to assist in the production of your book. This fee helps with the initial production and marketing of the book. Marketing includes donated copies of books to worthwhile causes, such as The Photo Review Benefit Auction. The artist receives 5 free copies of the book. In addition the artist may purchase additional copies of the book for $15.00 each plus shipping (multiple discounts may apply). The artist will receive $5.00 for each book sold through WILBUREDITIONS, which will be paid twice a year, June 1 and December 1. The artist's royalties will be reduced proportionally for sales and special offers. 


Care and collaboration — we get involved only in projects we believe in.

Dialogue based on the initial submission. Are there additional photographs to be considered for the book? What are you, the artist, trying to express with this work? What are your thoughts on sequencing?

The photographs will be submitted as digital files (rgb, 300 dpi, 17" maximum dimension vertical or horizontal jpeg (not compressed) or tiff with no additional sharpening. The photographs will be titled artistname001, artistname002, etc. This will be accomplished through a shared Dropbox folder.

The books have minimal copy. You will be challenged to think about your work and distill your thoughts.

The best financial model is to drive customers to the WILBUREDITIONS site to purchase books. We hope that you will become a partner and advocate for WILBUREDITIONS. 

We will work with you to supply books for special events and lectures. In addition to books, we will offer a special voucher that can be used by your customers to buy your book at a discount through our on-line store. A stack of cards at an event with a few books is more mobile and flexible for travel. 

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