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Na h-Eileanan - MATTHEW BENDER

Na h-Eileanan - MATTHEW BENDER


Soft cover, perfect bound, 8.5 x 11, 32 pages, 13 color images

Na h-Eileanan is a series of photographs made in Scotland by Matthew Bender. 

"My maternal grandmother's family emigrated from Scotland in the 1800's, and the country, it's mythology, and it's people have always had a strong familiar pull for me. Upon traveling to Scotland in the winter of 2015, in an attempt to thoroughly experience the people, culture, and land, I chose to primarily remain in one place, on the Isle of Lewis and Harris in the remote Hebridean Islands," writes Mr. Bender.

The photographs are an exquisit take on The Hebrides a place Mr. Bender describes as an, "...ancient, lonely, quiet place."

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